Moveable and rotatable rulers

Jun 05, 2018

I am trying to create a set of rulers that can measure a wound. I have created the attached as a rough attempt using drag and drop quiz question slide, and even managed to get around the Submit button, but I also need to make the ruler(s) rotate if possible. My fallback is to rotate the picture, but I would prefer them having to know the proper axis for measuring. Any suggestions?

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Walt Hamilton

Don't know if you can make this work or not, but you can put a dial in a scrolling panel, and you can drag a scrolling panel.

I suspect you'll earn your keep, if you can get it to work. In my experience, scrolling panels are murder to work with if you get a little bit creative. On the other hand, if you can create it, they seem pretty stable in the end user's hands.

Good luck.

Steve Hazelton

I'm gonna have to try that "just because", but meanwhile I am getting very very close! I had tried creating States with the ruler rotated to different points, but could not rotate the ruler. BUT . . . with some playing around I found that if I copied the ruler before creating the state, then in the new state I deleted the old ruler and pasted a new one - it would rotate!

So, I can now drag AND rotate as shown in the attachment (the example answer choices don't go to another slide yet because I need to run this by a reviewer and I wanted all layers visible in one preview). Now if I can just get the ruler to stay put instead of snapping back . . .

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