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Dec 16, 2012

Hello Everyone,

I am very new to articulate and using the trial version. I have figured out how to create a menu item (in this case called "video"). and have it connect to a slide which plays the video when the menu item is clicked.

What I would like to be able to do is open the video in a popup window so that the slide from which it was called remains visible and active. Is that possible?

Thank you


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Bruce Graham

Jerson campos said:

There are a couple of samples that other developers have created here. They used "lightbox" techniques to create exactly what you are looking for. 

The potential issue with lightboxes is that they will cover your existing slide content - you requested that the slide remains visible.

Perhaps a better way to do it is using the attached method, which opens a new browser window to play the video, essentially a popup, or in this case - a pop-pup  

You will need to publish it to view.


Andrew Lian

Thank you both very much for your helpful answers.

Actually, what I was looking for was in fact the "pop pup" as I wanted a new browser to be spawned and be dragged around the screen. I teach languages and I wanted students to have access to both screens independently and to be able to listen/watch video on one screen while, perhaps, answering some questions on the other. I will experiment. Articulate seems very powerful although I have read some posts saying that there are some issues with it.

I just wish it had two things (one of which I know it does not): (a) some kind of scripting language and (b) an easy interface to databases (but as Jerson pointed out in another posting there are possible solutions - though there may be a loss of consistency in the interface/look).

Once again thanks Bruce and Jerson.


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