moving over a page by using something similar to an ID tag in HTML

Oct 02, 2013

Hi Guys 

I would like to be able to move over the page with something similar to an ID tag, why 

I am trying to create the following, the page is 700 wide x 1400 tall, I would like to jump from top to bottom via a link or button similar to using a id tag

(button at 500 pixels height)

<a href="#postbottom">This link will take you to the bottom of post</a>

(Takes you to 800 height)

<p id="postbottom">You’ve reached the bottom of the post</p>

it's easy in jquery or html when you are working with a website, do you think there is any way we can replicate this using java or anything else?

also I just noticed that if I click next on the usual next button the next page continues at the button, would there be a way to jump to the top?


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Justin Wilcox

Hi Byron. 

Storyline allows you to add web content to your presentation so if you can create this page in HTML, you should be able to simply add it as a web object. You would not, however, be able to customize the Next button in Storyline to communicate anything to a web object. You can use a trigger to customize what happens when you click the Next Button.

byron tik

Hi justin

I don't want to communicate to a WebObject, just use java script to move to a certain screen coordinate or scroll position.

so when the user clicks next the scroll position goes to top, which is necessary when your project is for example 700 wide by 2000 high

we are looking into it here and will post a demo as soon as we have one.

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