Moving pawn according to dice number

Nov 18, 2020


I'm trying to create a game inspired by the talented  Joanna Kurpiewska and the video she shared on her blog, but I am stuck…. The idea of this game is that the pawn should walk according to the number on the dice, and in the colored spots a question should appear. (With a correct answer he should get points that are reduced from the power of "home distractions"). I have not created the end yet, I am still stuck with the fact that the dice moves only one position at a time when dice is rolled, and the questions do not light up at all. What I was trying to create is the suggestion loop on a layer that says: Add 1 to current position>Subtract 1 from diecountdown on this layer>hide this layer when timeline ends>show this layer if diecountdown is bigger than 0, this way it should get the pawn moving until the count gets to 0.

I turned to support but I still didn't get an answer and I would be happy if there is someone here who can help me fix this.

Any idea to get the pawn moving and the questions appear will be great.


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