Moving Scenes in Menu

In the lesson, the scenes were not created in the same order that they appear in the course. So the menu presents them in the wrong order. I'd like to move the scenes around. But it appears I'm allowed only to move individual slides, not scenes. If I move the scene title down, it loses all its "child" files.

I appreciate suggestions on how to solve this problem. Thank you.

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Walt Hamilton

In Player, under Menu, this icon lets you reset the Menu to match the story


In reality, if you have time on your hands and like to fiddle, you can discovery some ways to move scenes around, but it took me a lot of time. Once I figured it out, it still takes a long time to do, so I forgot it and use the reset icon.

Nancy Mucklow

Thank you. Unfortunately, that button resets the scenes in the numbered order, not the order that the scenes occur. I need to be able to move the scenes into an order that will make sense to the learner.

Maybe there's a solution that involves reorganizing the scenes in the course so that the numbered sequence matches the order of events? But only if all the links will still work -- This is not a linear course!


Walt Hamilton

Save your story, Exit Storyline, restart Storyline,

Frequently, if you now cut an entire scene, then paste where it goes in story view, it will change the scene number, and everything else will stay intact.

Another method is to use the folder icon under the menu, and Insert scenes and slide manually in the correct menu order.

Phil Mayor

Changing the scene number is fiddly and will most likely break every slider interaction you have and may corrupt your results slides. If you go to scene 1 and duplicate it that scene will become scene 2 delete all the slides in scene 2 and paste in the slides that you want to be the next scene and keep doing that until the scenes are in order.

Alternatively and what Walt is suggesting and by far the option that I would choose in this situation is to open the menu and rearrange the scenes within that by either dragging and dropping or using the up down arrows still fiddly but by far my preferred method

Nancy Mucklow

The up and down arrows move individual slides, not scenes. I'd somehow have to keep track of all the slides by name so that I get them back into the correct scene in the correct order.

Doing a save-as doesn't seem to renumber the scenes. The reason is that it's not a linear course -- it uses menus to jump to scenes.

Is there no way to move scenes in the menu? That's a feature that needs to be added.

Crystal Horn

Hi Nancy.  I might be misunderstanding your dilemma, but you should be able to highlight a scene in the Menu in your Player Properties window and use the arrows below to move it up and down.  To make it easy, I like to collapse the scenes in the menu so that I only see the scene headers.

While as it is moving, it will go up one level at a time (including into the preceding scene's children), you can keep moving it up until it is fully where it should be.  It should keep its children items with it.  I'm attaching a video-- is this what you need to do?