Scenes do not reflect trigger

I am setting up my initial scenes with triggers from a slide in my scene 1 but when I go to look at it.  The scenes are reverse order 5-2 instead of 2-5.  I found a video on how to move your scene order, but I see that the up and down movement arrow is greyed out.  Can someone tell me how to get the scenes in the right order to match what I have in the trigger menu?

Thank you.

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Stephen Beck

Thank you Lauren.  I found a solution with the help from support.  Robert emailed me a video, which coupled with my image resolved it. In short, you can unassign the triggers and then reassign them in order (the video).  However, in my case they reassigned to the opposite of the order that they appear in the timeline.  For example, if i put in 7 buttons they are ordered 7 to 1 in the timeline.  If I reverse the timeline order, then they reverse in story view.