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Apr 20, 2020


I am trying to figure out how Story View orders its scenes. I am trying to map out a template for multiple lessons that use the same basic format (e.g. units/lessons = scenes/slides). So I set up a very basic sample, 5 scenes a couple sample slides (see attached image).  The slide in the first scene has 5 links, numbered 1-5.  1 links to itself and 2-5 link to the first slide of scenes 2-5 respectively. 

However,  when I set the links, the scenes moved below the first scene and they ordered in reverse- 5, 4, 3, 2 - so the content is now in reverse order.  Any tips on how to get them in the correct order? 


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Walt Hamilton

What you see in the Story view has no significance, and no connection to the real world. It is merely SL's attempt to give you somewhat of a graphic map, while grouping slides that jump to each other close together. (Oh, and the other purpose is to drive our OCD friends crazy.) The user doesn't see it, and when the project is playing, SL doesn't use it.

You can use it to follow the red lines to troubleshoot where your triggers are jumping, and if you are using "Jump to next Slide", you can use it to change slide order. If you really don't mind spending time on it, go to your first (main menu) slide, and delete all the text boxes with triggers. Recreate them starting with number five. Create the text box, then create the trigger to jump to scene five, and work your way backward.
SL creates the thumbnails with the newest to the left. Creating them that way will also give you the added benefit of having the text boxes in numeric order on the timeline of slide one.

Stephen Beck

Thanks.  It seems an odd tool to have then.  I guess I just need to map the courses elsewhere. 

Creating the links backwards made no difference.  They still keep positioning themselves in the reverse order.  I did discover that deleting the triggers can lead to  SL saying it may crash and rendering the textboxes non-functional.  Closing without saving and reopening  seems to work for that problem, but it would be frustrating if more work was lost.   

Stephen Beck

I don't feel like it is quite an OCD issue (though I get that you are joking to an extent).  It seems more like having sugar, flour and salt in three bins in the kitchen. They all look similar to so helps to label and order them.  If I have 5 sections in a course, all having similar slide thumbnails, then I'd like them to be in order.  It seems there is no reason for them not to be in order, but it very strict about keeping them out of order.  Odd...

Stephen Beck

I did find a solution with help form tech support for anyone interested.  The attached video shows how to reorder them.  However, in my version (the most current btw), the ultimately reflect the order of the items in the time line.  So if you use copy/paste or crtl+drag to make multiple buttons and they then enter the timeline in a random order, then they may appear in the same random order in story view.  For mine, ordering 7 down to 1 in the timeline makes them order 1 to 7 properly in story view.

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