mp4 Video file is choppy in Storyline360

Feb 06, 2019


I tried inserting a mp4 video file in Storyline360, but it is very choppy on playback within Storyline. When I launch the mp4 file from a video player, it looks great, but as soon as it is added to Storyline, it won't play smoothly.

I am working off local files and ensured the file names are short. Any assistance on how to correct this is appreciated!

Thank you.

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Katie Riggio

Yikes! Sorry you're hitting this snag, Chelsea.

We definitely don't want you troubleshooting this oddity alone, so I'm glad you reached out! I see my teammate, Jonathan, is testing your file as we speak. He'll be in touch with his findings shortly.

I'll follow the case as it progresses, and will share any valuable insight here once we get to the root. Talk soon!

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Simon.  Have a look at these steps for getting high-quality video and images in Storyline 360. 

  • Do you know if your video resolution is nearly the same as your Storyline slide size?
  • Are you seeing this blurriness in Preview or only in your published output?  

To update Chelsea's issue, which was about choppy video playback, we were able to set the video to play when triggered, and it appeared to play smoothly once we published it.

Chelsea Gibeau

Thanks, Katie. Jonathan was able to respond to my submitted case regarding this.

As for others struggling, two points to consider:

1. My coworker had this same issue when truly working off a local drive - in Storyline the video was choppy. In her case, while the file was not working well within Storyline, when she played it in Review, it looked fine. Publishing it had no issues either. I would suggest try watching it in Review first before determining if there is truly a problem with the embedded file.

2. As for my issue with videos in Storyline, they were syncing with OneDrive without me realizing it. Therefore, it was still playing off a network drive, rather than locally, which caused my issue.

Geneviève Jacques


I imported a mp4 video in Storyline. Same resolution as the slide size. When I try exporting the whole scene in a mp4, the imported videos lags -- a lot!

When I export the scene in Review, it works just fine, but it's not what I want for my Rise project. It used to work before, I'm just doing an update on a course that's been running for a year now.

Since I must deliver this update tomorrow, I'll have to work-around a montage in Premiere, but I would appreciate if this problem would be resolved soon.

(My Storyline is up to date. And I also tried working on my local drive, without different results.)


Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Geneviève.

Thank you for reaching out!

Can you reproduce this issue with a different video, or is it only happening to a specific one? 

If this is only happening with a specific video/project, can you share it through a support case so we can investigate?

Another option is to re-encode the video using a third-party tool, HandBrake, to see if the issue could be related to the original mp4 file.

Let me know if this works!

Geneviève Jacques


The problem happened in most of my imported MP4 that has been created with After Effects. Is there any encoding specs that we need to know to ensure a smooth transition from After Effects to Storyline when exporting the storyline project to a video format? It wouldn't be a solution for me to re-encode with a third-party tool since it wouldn't be a software approved by my employer.

Thanks :)