MP4 VIDEO quality poor with HTML5 only

Nov 16, 2017

I have published a html5 only course (using SL360) which includes mp4 videos. Even with quality level pushed out to 9 when publishing, the video quality (screen recordings) are poor and blurry.

I have published the exact same story using SL2 without HTML5 output included and videos are fine (when video quality is increased to 9).

The problem appears to be video quality when published with HTML5 only.

Any ideas why this is so?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dane,

Thanks for sharing both the file and the .story file you're using. I took a look and it appears that you may be scaling the video after inserting it into Storyline? I added a new slide to your course and inserted in the video file again and it took up more of the entire screen. Take a look at the copy I published to Articulate Review here.  Let me know how that version looks to you - and if you're still seeing it appear blurry could you let me know what browser(s) you're viewing it in? 

Here's a quick article on some best practices for working with video and images in Storyline 360. 

Dane James

Thanks for the speedy reply. I looked at your version and it's still very blurry. I'm building the presentation in 360 and SL2 and I have also reformatted the video so it takes up the whole slide so we will see if one of the two is acceptable. I have viewed the program on Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11 and google Chrome. When do you think there will be a solution as I see others have posted too?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dane, 

I'm not sure if you meant to include an image here, but those won't come in if you respond via email. 

Can you tell me more about your screen resolution and if you're at all zoomed in while viewing in each browser? Also, is it more blurry in Chrome than IE11 or Edge? That's the issue we've heard from folks that Chrome presents a blurry output compared to a clear IE11/Edge - so if you're seeing it blurry across all browsers it may be a different issue. 

Dane James

Ashley, we have IE11 at work, I do develop on a computer with Edge though. Some folks have Chrome but it’s not the default so I don’t worry about it . I check on IE11 for clarity and I did as you suggested and resized video to cover the entire screen and it is better than before. I will send out for reviews shortly and see if I get feedback on the quality. I would prefer crystal clear as everyone does not have perfect eyesite.

Thanks for all your help!!


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