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Mar 03, 2014

I created a screen capture video using Camtasia Studio 8. The recording and editing dimensions are 2048 x 1113. I published it as an MP4 with the encoding mode quality set to 100%. The final video is very clear on my 3200 x 1800 monitor. However, when I import it into a slide in Storyline and then publish the project with the video quality set to 9, the audio bitrate set to 160 kbps, and the image quality set to 100% (all three of these settings are at the highest level), the resulting video in the slide is very poor (grainy). How do I increase the video in the Storyline slide to match the high quality of the video when it's played outside of Articulate?

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Mike Insalaco

This is the only viable workaround that I've found.

  1. Copy the high quality MP4 video file.
  2. Open the published Storyline output folder.
  3. Open the story_content folder in the published Storyline output  folder.
  4. Paste the high quality video file into the story_content folder in the the published Storyline output  folder.
  5. Add (poor) to the end of the low quality MP4 video file to differentiate it from the high quality one in the same folder. For example, video_5YQ3BO8wLCS_26_160_718x390 (poor).mp4.
  6. Rename the high quality MP4 video file to that of the low quality one without the word (poor).

Now, when you click story.html, it plays the high quality video file in place of the low quality one.

This seems like too much of a workaround. There must be a simple, automatic way for this to be done in Storyline.

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