MP4 video "whites-out" after publishing to LMS SCORM 1.2

Sep 17, 2015

I imported an MP4 video into a project.  In "PREVIEW" it plays just fine. However, when I published the course (LMS output) all videos (3 total) just white-out.  I can hear audio - no video visible on-screen - both on my PC and our local LMS non-production test servers. All other slide functionality is normal.  Any ideas what might cause the video not to show on-screen?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Tom -- Sorry to hear you are running into issues here! Just so I am clear, are you testing your published output in the intended environment, as noted here?  As the article states, If you view an Articulate Storyline course on your local hard drive (or send it to someone else to view on their local hard drive), you'll encounter security restrictions from the computer, web browser, Flash Player, and network that'll cause various features of your content to fail. 

Please let us know if issues persist, and if so, you are welcome to share your .story file and we will gladly take a look and run some testing on our end. 

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