mp4 videos in SL2 not playing in SumTotal Mobile App

Dec 28, 2016

I'm hoping someone has experience with SL2 and the SumTotal Mobile App. I'm checking with SumTotal support, too, but thought someone here may have some insight from the Articulate side.

Our mp4 videos are not playing in the App, and I've tried the HTML5 setting when publishing, but the video slides display a black screen.  No audio or video, though the player's progress bar moves normally.

Using the Articulate Mobile Player is not an option, since SumTotal doesn't support the Tin Can API, and we need tracking and reporting, so we're using SCORM1.2.

Has anyone figured out a combination of settings that will work?

Thanks for any help you can provide.



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George Briggs

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for the input.  

Please correct me if this is not right.  My understanding is that when the module is launched in an lms, the combination of the imsmanifest.xml and story.html files will detect the device/browser and select the appropriate playback this case using the  story_html5.html or index_lms_html5.html files.

Are you suggesting that I might be able to point the lms directly to one of these html5 files to launch the module, in case the auto-detect/redirect thing is not happening when using the lms' mobile app?

And, do you know if the mp4 is being wrapped/framed/etc. in some way when published?...rather than remaining an independent mp4 file that's simply pointed to on playback?

Thanks for your insights!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi George,

Yup - you're right on that front in terms of how Storyline will determine which content to deliver. But it sounds like you have a specific LMS app that it's defaulting too on a mobile device? My thought was more to look at a way to turn that off so that users can access the HTML5 content directly within the browser. Depending on the LMS there may be a way to point directly to that file, but you'd need to test that out within your LMS and therefore it's a bit outside my area of expertise or assistance. 

It should just be re-encoded as an MP4 as a part of publish and depending on how you inserted it, viewable in the slide itself or linking to a new window. 

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