Videos not working (at all!) in Articulate Mobile Player (ANDROID)


We are experiencing some weird problems with Articulate Mobile Player in Android, using any kind of videos in our contents. AMP and offline are both requirements, so we need to figure out how to make it work in this scenario.

We have a course that has some video clips on several slides. The videos work fine on desktop machines and laptops on multiple browsers and seem to be playing fine on iPad AMP. However, they are not playing on Android AMP at all.

No matter the format we use, the first slide with video usually works (not always) and then it stops working. After that, we just get sound working with video playing in black -seek bar shows video is playing.

We have tryed with many formats, including MP4, AVI, FLV and even SWF, with the same result. We have tryied with SL2 and SL360, no success :(

Here is the example:

(please, use Articulate Mobile Player in Android)

You will find 4 slides:
- Slide 1 with a MP4 clip
- Slide 2 with a FLV clip
- Slide 3 with an AVI clip
- Slide 4 with a SWF clip

You will find the story files here:

You can try it with AMP en Android and you will see the videos won't work usually. They work sometimes, but most of the times you will get a black screen.

Please, any thoughts? Any help?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Paul (and Emilio),

I'm sorry - It looks like we missed this post last year!  Storyline 360 can also publish to HTML5 (not using the mobile player) and those files could be played in mobile Safari for iOS or Chrome on Android.

We've pushed out a number of updates to Storyline 360 since then, so I'd like to make sure we are looking at one of your most recent publishes. Also what Android devices and OS versions are you viewing it with? 

You're welcome to share here, or send along to our Support team!