Multi-Answer Drag and Drop Using Pick One - Still need help

Sep 27, 2022

HI all! I am having a hard time locating a recent work around for a drag and drop that has some options for multiple answers. I found a thread with a great tutorial here:

The flower tutorial was very helpful for me trying to create a multi-answer drag and drop scenario. Basically, what I have are 6 targets and 6 answers; however, two of the 6 answers could be dropped on either two of the drop targets.

I created a 'Pick One' and added the appropriate triggers, but am running into two issues:

1) I don't have the 'correct' and 'incorrect' buttons like the flower video, so my layers display but also this 'invalid answer' feedback. What can I do?

2) I can drag either of the 2 correct buttons to either of the 2 correct drop spaces, but if I try to drag ANY of the responses to any of the targets that ARE NOT correct, it snaps back. I know in drag and drop I can change this? But can I change this here. I'd like people to be able to drag and response to any target as they are trying. This would obviously display the incorrect layer once they hit submit.

Any help is appreciated!

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Rachel

I'm just running out the door but managed to take a quick look at your file.

You are getting the invalid feedback popup because you didn't have anything selected in your Form View. 

I added two rectangles off stage - Correct and Incorrect then added them to the form view selecting 'correct' as the required option. I then added two triggers one that meets the correct criteria and one for incorrect.

Don't have time to look at issue 2 yet - can perhaps get back to you later. - I've attached the file with the changes.

Walt Hamilton


Wendy is right about the Invalid answer popup.

Answers don't stay on Incorrect drop spaces because this is not a Drag and Drop interaction. Answers stay on Correct drop spaces because there is a trigger that initiates when they are dropped on those spaces. Solution - create triggers that initiate when an Answer is dropped on any correct spaces. (Even changing to Normal state is enough to keep them where dropped.)  They will stay on any object on the slide, if there is a trigger that is initiated when they are dropped.