Multi-audio tracks

Nov 17, 2023


I created a slide that contains different audio tracks depending on the user's language (managed by a variable). I also want to use the seekbar features (Play, Drag and Restart). I was able to notice that the properties of the seekbar are well managed when it is videos which are designated by the triggers according to the language variable, whereas when the triggers only designate audio tracks the drag and restart options are ineffective. I try to put the audio tracks into the Base layer or into multiple layer, but I can't use the whole seekbar options.

Have you ever noticed this behavior?

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Kelly Auner

Hi Laurent,

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Are you comfortable sharing your file or a screen recording of what you're seeing? This will help us to troubleshoot further! You can upload those here or privately in a support case if you prefer, and we'll delete them from our systems once troubleshooting is complete!