Multi layer animation

Nov 24, 2014

I'm currently working on a sidle of our course that have several animated characters, and motion paths for other animated objects on the page. To make things easier to navigate and less crowded I have put each of the characters on their own layer, but what I am finding is that when I play the slide, if I pause it the layers that the characters are on continue to play when the base layer is paused. I was wondering if there was anyway of linking all of the additional layers to the controls of the base layer?


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Emily Ruby

Hello Alexander!

Unfortunately there is not a way to link the layer timelines to the seekbar when the base slide is playing. The seekbar will stay in touch with the base layer, unless you allow seeking on the other layers. If you do allow seeking, it will link to the layer on the top. (this is assuming you have all the layers visible at the same time)

One thing you could do is add a custom pause button, and have it trigger to pause the layers when clicked. Then a play button to resume.

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