Multiple buttons that need to be on top during hover

I have a slide that has multiple buttons on it. Each button has a person that on hover shows a thought bubble from that person. Due to space limitations, the thought bubble for an individual button will be shown over the other buttons (which will go gray during the rollover).

My problem is that I can't have all the buttons on the top layer. That means that when I hover, all but the very topmost button show the thought bubble under some of the other buttons.

Is there some kind of way to have each button be at the top upon hover? I could not find anything like this in the actions, but I may be missing something. Any other suggestions would be appreciated as well.

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Wendy Jaehnig

Actually, I think I may have a solution. I think I can have the thought bubbles as a separate object, rather than part of the person buttons. Then I can have the hover action on the person buttons change the state of the thought bubbles from invisible to normal. If I just ensure the thought bubble objects are all on layers above the person buttons, it should be fine.