Multiple Checkboxes

Hoping I can get some assistance with my project.  I'm trying to use checkboxes to checkmark a row of boxes according to a question.  Some rows may have more than one box checkmarked.  When using a Checkbox button, I placed layers to hide and show accordingly when that Checkbox is marked.  However, as I work with multiple Checkbox buttons, the prior checkboxes do not keep what was clicked, consequently, the row of checkmarks prior disappear.  Where did I go wrong?  Thank you for helping!

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Noel Perez

Sorry, I forgot to attach the story file so you may see my sample slide and triggers.

Thank you,


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Noel

see attached. I duplicated your slide to show you another way of achieving what you want using states and triggers.

Back to your slide.

  1. on each layer remove the tick 'hide other slide layers'.
  2. adjusted the triggers for when the layers should hide.

I've only worked on Feed Mod and Feed Max rows so you can copy for the rest and see how it works.