Multiple Choice and Drag and Drop Interaction Together

Apr 22, 2013

I was looking for solutions for having multiple questions on the same question slide of SL.  I was amazed to find such an elegant solution posted by Jeanette in this screenr.  //

Now this has been done for multiple text entry questions.  I am wondering if I can do the same thing with 1 multiple

choice and 1 drag and drop interaction. Here is what I want:

  1. The student sees a multiple choice question on the screen.
  2. Based on if he selects the correct option, he gets to see drag and drop interaction elements on the same screen.
  3. Then he does the drag and drop and submits the question.

Now I do have an option of creating two question slides - 1 for multiple choice and the other for drag and drop.  I am working on this option right now.  But I was just wondering if Jeanette's "Pick One" solution could work in this case as well to combine multiple choice and drag and drop question.



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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Payal,

Need to get to work, but your question intrigued me. I came up with a solution of sorts. Not sure if it will work for you. Also interested to know if someone can improve upon this.

I'm attaching a really bare-bones example. I got the layout idea because I'd remembered this Multiple tests on one slide thread and the example David Anderson put together. But his example was a little easier because it was MC and Multiple Response.

Anyway, here's what I did.


  • Inserted a text box with question
  • Inserted 3 option buttons for the choices. These are automatically created as Button Set 1.


  • Inserted 2 pictures for the drag and 2 rectangles for the drop
  • Created triggers to change the pictures to state of Drop Correct when they're dropped on the correct drop targets
  • The "drag pictures" have drag return checked by default.

Hiding the D&D

  • Inserted a rectangle that I named "Cover." This is white (same color as background) with no border. This hides the D&D until Learners get the correct answer.

Showing the D&D

  • Inserted a trigger to change the state of "Cover" to hidden when the Learner clicks "May Flowers", the correct answer.

Converting to a Graded Quiz

  • Converted the Slide to a freeform pick many (Insert >Convert to Freeform: Pick Many)
  • In the Pick Many window, chose May Flowers as the correct answer.
  • Changed the attempts to unlimited.

Added Oops Layer

This layer has a warning and an OK button to hide the layer.

Oops layer trigger

Show the Oops layer when Learn clicks Submit if the Butterfly state is not Drop Correct and the Bee drop state is not Drop correct

Condition on Submit Button Trigger (explanation about why you need it below)

Add the condition that the Submit button will only work if:

butterfly pic = visited


Bee pic = visited

Learner Interaction

Learner sees MC question.

If answers Incorrectly: try again.

If answers incorrectly: Try Again.

Answers correctly: Sees D&D question

Drags butterfly onto Bee. Butterfly returns because it's not correct (Drag return is on). Same deal for Bee

If Learner tries to click Submit without placing the Bee and the Butterfly, Submit doesn't work.


I've set this up so the D&D shows, per your request at #2 above:

2. Based on if he selects the correct option, he gets to see drag and drop interaction elements on the same screen.

So, this means the Learner can't get the question least as I've set it up.

Also, because this is sort of a "fake out" slide, with a MC and a D&D on the same slide, the Learner can't get the D&D incorrect. Or, at least there's no way that I can see to score it as incorrect.

Seems like a lot of work, too! Hoping there's a better solution...but you sure got me thinking!

Payal Tandon

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for spending so much time on my query and I apologize for not responding to your kind gesture.  Frankly speaking I kind of backed off from doing fancy stuff with the drag and drop interaction since I could not even get it to work in the most simplistic form.  I have been battling an issue with drag and drop interaction since last few weeks.  Just posted my query in the forum today. 

Once I get this to work in its simple form, I will look at your solution   For now I am pretty disheartened and am feeling bad thinking about the possibility that drag and drop will not work for me at all.  :(

Here is my problem -

Thanks once again. 



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