Multiple Choice and Multiple Answer Alignment of Selection in a Quiz Question slide

Apr 26, 2017

Hi there,

Does anyone know if it is possible to align the check box or radio circle with the top line of text of the answer with an answer that has wrapped text? I don't see of a way to customize it to do this in Storyline. It automatically wants to align it with the center of both lines. See the attachment.



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Chris Cole

Hi Shelley.

AFAIK there is no way to change the alignment as a Storyline option. I tried changing the choice text box to Do Not Autofit, changed the text alignment to Top, and then played around with the Top internal margin to drive the text down until it was aligned with the top of the check box. This works OK for one or two line choices, but after that the vertical size of the choice text box gets too large and the hover state gets out of whack.  So if you have just one or two line choices, this might work for you but otherwise, I think you're stuck with center alignment.

I also played around with just having a blank space for each choice (so the radio button appears) and then adding my own multi-line choice text as a separate text box placed beside the radio button, but again the hover state of the radio button is not in alignment.

I think it just one of those things... :)


Crystal Horn

Hey there, Shelley!  It sounds like the formatting of those graded question types is not quite right for you.

What if you used a Freeform Pick One question?  You can insert customized radio buttons and text boxes and align them independently of each other.

Tip:  Edit your Hover state (since there's not text attached to your radio button).  Also, make sure your answer choices aren't shuffled (since the text boxes won't shuffle as well).

Alternatively, you could do away with the radio buttons and check boxes, and just format your text boxes as answer choices!  Then, they can shuffle to your heart's content.

Have a look at my sample story.  Enjoy!

Shelley Bates

Hi there,

Chrystal, I haven't worked with freeform before. Thought I would try your suggestion. I don't want to do the last suggestion and create my own radio buttons because the other questions are regular questions. The appearance needs to stay consistent on each slide. However, when I tried the freeform, in my form view, there is no way for me to put my selections in for the answers. See the attachment. I don't know what's wrong....


Chris Cole

Hi Shelley. You'll need to add objects to the slide, which can then become answer objects. You could add radio buttons to the slide (Insert / Controls / Radio Button), or other types of buttons, or any other Storyline object like a rectangle or a text field or a picture. You can set up the question using whatever objects you want, and then you will be able to go into the Form view and select which objects you want to be answer objects.

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