Multiple Choice slide - get the Saved State and show a layer

I have some courses that have multiple hundreds of multiple choice questions. To describe a typical question:

When the user clicks one of four radio buttons, the question is scored, and a layer is shown with feedback and a Continue button.

I would like to set the revisiting state to "Resume saved state", and when the user comes back in to inspect how they answered the question, the feedback layer that was shown earlier pops back up. This gives feedback and the Continue button.

Is this possible? I could go the variable route to track the question response, but as I said above, I have some courses that have multiple hundreds of questions. Assigning a single variable to each slide, although feasible, is not a desirable state of affairs.

I suppose I could whip up a fix in JavaScript, but I was hoping there might be a cleaner way to do this kind of thing. 

Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I could go about this? Thanks!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Mark!

You likely have this trigger on your feedback layers: "Hide layer [this layer] when the user clicks the Continue button."

Removing that trigger will keep the feedback layer open. When the learner revisits the quiz slide, they'll see the open feedback layer.

I know removing that trigger on hundreds of slides would be very time consuming, so hopefully other folks in the community can share their ideas, as well!

Mark Ramsey


As usual, I was over-thinking my solution. Your solution was what I needed to do. These courses I'm working on now are part of an acquisition, and work differently than our standard model.

There is a "Hide This Layer" trigger on each feedback layer. It goes in by default when I imported the questions in via an Excel worksheet. I don't really get why it is there. The Continue button goes to the next slide, and should 'erase' the current slide from view. So I will be definitely taking these triggers out.

Thanks again!