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Oct 11, 2016

Hi all.

Ok, so I see how you can have more than one correct answer, but this is my problem.

I am trying to construct a quiz where a learner has 2 or more correct responses that result in going through sequences. I can branch those out no problem. However I am wanting the program to come back to the other correct answer and have the learner then go through that sequence.

For example: I have a screen of a menu on a register. The instructions are to ring in a sandwich and a salad. It doesn't matter which they do first, but they have to do all. If they select sandwich, then it will take then to another screen to choose which sandwich. Then I need the program to go back to the main page so they can select the salad, then choose a dressing.

Or, vise versa

Failure to do both will count off, but they can start on either.

Does that make sense?



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Alicia Pennington


Happy Tuesday.  It does make sense.  As you indicated, I'm confident there are lots of ways to accomplish what you're trying to do.  One consideration you'll need to think about is how large the course might be.  Some solutions can be good for small courses while other solutions are better for large courses.

I came up with one option for you in the attached file.  It has the Continue button always available and displays a message when both the state of Sandwich and Salad buttons have not changed to Visited (meaning learners went to each of those sections).  

You could also make the initial state of the Continue button hidden until after learners click both the sandwich and salad buttons.

You mentioned "counting off" if the learner does not do both sandwich and salad.  Do they start with a certain number of points?  If they do, you could add another trigger to the Continue button that if they click Continue and both the Sandwich and Salad button states are not equal to Visited then they loose a certain number of points.  

Again, this is just one option of many,

Thanks for asking.
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