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I would like to know if there is a way to present my course in many languages. I have seen your solutions on creating multiple slides and then having multiple copies of the same video, each with their own subtitles/closed captioning. Is there a way to have one video that has multiple subtitle files that can be selected based on the button a user clicks. I imagine maybe 5-10 different languages. 

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Kelly Doane

Hi Pam, 

Just now seeing this and I'm sure you've already worked out any kinks you may have encountered, but this is exactly how I control 6 languages, it works well. I run my Storyline block quizzes as separate scenes and use the multi-quiz capabilities to trigger scoring and like you have a button back in Rise to exit to the LMS. 

Good luck! 


Jeffrey Crump
Gerrit Wending

Hi Ren,

The feature request is about subtitles/captions, not translations. The community has been begging for the ability to have one video file on one slide that can handle multiple language subtitles. 

So being able to go into the editor and upload multiple SRT files for the single instance of a video. When the video is previewed/published, clicking the CC button in the player  would create a dropdown with all the available languages. I've added pictures to see what this looks like.

As more and more international companies have teams with multiple nationalities working together, we need to have a single player that can display multiple languages simply.

PLEASE implement this feature. We've been asking for this on this thread for 3+ years (and up to 7-8 years if you search the whole forum). It's critical that we can provide this to our learners.

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Is this being worked on?

Al Lauer

Yes, please add the multi-language choice for closed captions so we don't have to build duplicate courses to accommodate multiple languages or non-English speakers. This is a feature that's been requested for a LONG time in this thread and others, but still no action. Doesn't give SL360 users a warm and fuzzy feeling that our requests are being heard.