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Jul 17, 2018


I would like to know if there is a way to present my course in many languages. I have seen your solutions on creating multiple slides and then having multiple copies of the same video, each with their own subtitles/closed captioning. Is there a way to have one video that has multiple subtitle files that can be selected based on the button a user clicks. I imagine maybe 5-10 different languages. 

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Kelly Doane

Hi Pam, 

Just now seeing this and I'm sure you've already worked out any kinks you may have encountered, but this is exactly how I control 6 languages, it works well. I run my Storyline block quizzes as separate scenes and use the multi-quiz capabilities to trigger scoring and like you have a button back in Rise to exit to the LMS. 

Good luck! 


Jeffrey Crump
Gerrit Wending

Hi Ren,

The feature request is about subtitles/captions, not translations. The community has been begging for the ability to have one video file on one slide that can handle multiple language subtitles. 

So being able to go into the editor and upload multiple SRT files for the single instance of a video. When the video is previewed/published, clicking the CC button in the player  would create a dropdown with all the available languages. I've added pictures to see what this looks like.

As more and more international companies have teams with multiple nationalities working together, we need to have a single player that can display multiple languages simply.

PLEASE implement this feature. We've been asking for this on this thread for 3+ years (and up to 7-8 years if you search the whole forum). It's critical that we can provide this to our learners.

Native Language

Language Menu

Is this being worked on?

Al Lauer

Yes, please add the multi-language choice for closed captions so we don't have to build duplicate courses to accommodate multiple languages or non-English speakers. This is a feature that's been requested for a LONG time in this thread and others, but still no action. Doesn't give SL360 users a warm and fuzzy feeling that our requests are being heard.

Arunachalam Rama Narayanan

Hello Team,

Happy to see that now Articulate has a feature to upload multiple CC files for a video.

Is there any future plans for the e-Learning Heroes TEAM to develop multiple languages audio for one video option? For an international product, let's say we are training the customers with the uploaded video with standard audio in English. If customers wanted to listen in their local language is there any option we can choose German, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, and so on, so that they can listen to their (local) selected language as Audio and Subtitles as well? 

Jose Tansengco

Hello Arunachalam,

Support for multiple audio tracks in a single video isn't currently on our roadmap. IÔÇÖll be happy to pass your thoughts on to our product team, but you can also feel free to detail them more through a feature request

In the mean time, if you have the capability to separate your audio track from your video file, you can add your video file to your slide and then add multiple audio files for each language that you would like to support. From there, you can use variables and triggers with buttons to give your learners a chance to select which language they'd like to hear your video in, and then play the correct audio track accordingly. It will look like something like this when setup: 

  • Play video <your video> when the timeline starts on this slide
  • Play audio file <chosen language> when the timeline starts on this slide if variable language = chosen language

Hope this helps!

Arunachalam Rama Narayanan

Hi Joe Tansengco,

Thanks for your response. Noted your points, I can able to separate the (multiple languages) audio files and video file, but due to company norms and confidential purposes, I could not able to do so. I will detail them in a Request a product feature.

Please do let me know if any additional information is needed!.

Thanks for your help.

Laura MacNeil

Another vote for more language toggling features!

Perhaps even a feature where: after you export your lesson text to Word/XLIFF, translate the text, you can add the new translated text to the old version. 


  1. Storyline lesson is in English. 
  2.  You export lesson text to Word and have the text translated to French.
  3. Now you can add the French lesson text to the already-English lesson and Storyline would have a feature that would allow you to toggle back and forth between the two languages. (Perhaps via a button/toggle on the Storyline Player)

(I understand there would likely be some layout issues that need fixing due to the amount of space a paragraph in English and a paragraph in French takes. I imagine Storyline could allow you tweak things (ex. button size) in the French-only version, (or English-only version for that matter) so the lesson's appearance is most favourable.  

Thanks for being great Storyline!

Anja Rauch

In Storyline, we would really need a feature that allows us to add like at least 5 different captions (read 5 different languages) to the content on the different slides in a course. The course content itself does not have to be translated.

What are your development plans, is that finally in the pipeline and is there a release date for that feature?

Do you have any alternative suggestions that give us the same result, meaning the user can choose different language captions when starting the course? Cheers!

Steven Benassi

Hi Anja!

Thanks for checking in on this!

I don't have any updates to share at this time as our team has been prioritizing other features, but I've included your voice in the feature report and will update this discussion if it makes it onto our Feature Roadmap. For your reference, here's a closer look at how we manage feature requests.

In the meantime, Brandon shared a Javascript solution earlier in the discussion you may find useful.

Anja Rauch

Thanks for replying, Steven. Unfortunately the javascript solution is not helpful to us. Where in line is this feature on the feature request list, bearing in mind that it has been requested since quite some years? I reckon there are a lot of people following this feed even though they don not comment or participate. Is there a possibility that your users can vote for features?