Multiple languages in course/quiz using layers and variables

Apr 22, 2013

I am building a course that has three languages in it.  English, Spanish, and Portuguese.  I am using layers and variables so the user may select their language at the start of the course and therefore see the course in their preferred language. 

My challenge is in trying to create the multiple language layers for the quiz questions.  Before I kill hours and hours trying to make this work, has anyone already done it with trackable success?  Is it as simple as creating a language layer for the questions and additional language layers for each of the feedback layers?  Or maybe that's not actually simple... Just having trouble wrapping my head around making this work so the users can take the course in their language, the quiz in their language, and then the course reports a pass/fail result to the LMS regardless of which language they chose to view.

Anybody?  Screenshots of any new variables or layers would be appreciated if you have them.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Sandra,

I haven't worked with courses in multiple languages, but I'm sure you'd probably be able to pull this off with branching. You could have separate quizzes/scenes for the languages, once they've been selected. 

In the end, you could use layers on a results slide, that would show the selected language, which could be carried over by a variable. 

However, what may be a little easier is completely separate courses. How are you planning to distribute your course? If you're having learners access it through a web page, you could simply link to the three courses and let your learners choose which one they'd like to take right off the bat. Really depends on your preference, though, and how you have this setup initially. 

I'd like to hear some ideas on this from the community. I love the idea of multiple languages in courses, maybe one day I'll actually know more than one :D

Good luck, Sandra!


Sandra Lowe

What we are trying to do is actually a proof of concept.  We are trying to get away from having multiple courses which means the client has to pull three reports.  Our larger, global courses can have as many as 18 different languages so we'd like to pare it down to the most prevelant languages in a single course.  We want to be able to show our customers that we can have a single course that users will access, they can select their language, take the course, and then the client only has to pull one report for completions.  It doesn't really matter which language they choose, as long as the LMS can see the user completed it and passed the test.  Outside eLearning Vendors seem to be able to do this with ease so I'm trying to figure out how we can do it in-house. 

I'm afraid if I branch, I'll lose the ability to have a proper quiz score attributed to a user.  Because I have thought of branching.  Users would branch to the quiz with their chosen language.  Once they pass they move to a different slide that has regular language layers that can serve as a completion marker to the LMS.  That would offer a complete/incomplete score.  Our clients will want an actual quiz score (80% or 100% or something like that) attributable to each user.  This is why I was thinking that all of the layers for the quiz options and feedback would need to still remain on a single slide.  But that's potentially four layers for each language...12 layers in all?  Eeek.  I'm playing with while I'm checking the forums.

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