Multiple Likert showing incomplete and failed in scorm

May 07, 2013

I have an course with multiple scenes containing likerts and a results slide used in a type of 'survey'. The learner has the option of choosing one of five surfers (likert scenes) to complete at the end of the course. They only need to complete one. 

I also have a scene containing another result slide that tallies the results of the 5 other result slides. 

I am tracking via the separate result slide and as incomplete/complete. 

When I do this, upload to Scorm cloud and test run the product I get an incomplete and failed result. How can I make the course show completed and passed when the user is only required to complete one likert survey?

I did a test by stripping our four of the five surverys and stripping out the separate scene with results slide and this seemed to work. But I need the learner to have the option of only completing one survey. 

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