Multiple numeric values in one quiz slide

Jul 22, 2015

I'm trying to emulate a piece of software in which users enter numeric values in two separate fields before hitting submit. Both fields need to have the correct values, and I want to test for it.

Any idea how I can accomplish this?

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Kamil Nowek

Create numeric or text fields (SL automatically wil create variables connected with these fields) and create triggers:

show layer "correct" when user press button if variable1 is "what you wanted AND variable2 is "what you wanted

show layer "incorrect" when user press button if variable1 is not "what you wanted OR variable2 is not "what you wanted"

Adam Y

Here you go.

1. Add a multiple response graded question and a results slide
2. Add one response for each numeric entry you want to track
3. Insert the numeric entry fields
4. Add a trigger.
               action : Change state of
         on object : Check Box 1
            to state : Selected
               When : Variable changes
           Variable : NumericEntry (or NumericEntry1, NumericEntry)
   On Condition: NumericEntry (or NumericEntry1, NumericEntry2) == equal to (the correct  answer)
5. Repeat for each NumericEntry you need.
6. Hide the multiple response question box (i just placed a shape the same colour as my background over it). I did not do this in the example story so you can see everything.

You can't score each individual entry with this method. Users would get one point (or whatever value you choose) for entering ALL the answers correctly.

You can mix numeric and alpha inputs with this method, which is handy.

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