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Nov 27, 2012

I am working on a project that depending on a persons title and the equipment that they have available to them will allow them to see only certain items in a menu. I don't want them to see or be able to access menu items of things they don't  need to do. Is there a way using variables to have a specific menu/object used as a menu on the screen based on a couple preliminary questions that set variables or would I be better off creating a seperate scene for each path? I was hoping to not have to have numerous instance of slides to help keep the size down and reduce the development time. This has a custom menu and will not be using the Articulate menu. As an example: 3 employees. 5 menu items. Employee 1 needs to take all 5 menus items, employee 2 needs to take menu items 1,3,5, employee 3 needs to take menu items 2,4. The menu would only show those menu items the employee needs to take.

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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hello Mike,

Unless I misunderstood your scenario, you only need 1 variable to achieve this : say variable "employeetype" which can be a number (1,2,3) or text (in which case you have to assign specific values to triggers in earlier slides.

Then you can play with triggers such as :

Set state of item1 to Hidden if employee type is 3

Set state of item2 to Hidden if employee type is 2

Set state of item3 to Hidden if employee type is 3

Set state of item4 to Hidden if employee type is 2

Set state of item5 to Hidden if employee type is 3

Hopefully, this is a step in the right direction.


Jason  Chickosis

Another way to look at this is to have department options and when they pick have the trigger open up equipment for that department. If user clicks then these open up only if you click on a certain department and then equipment. If users visits department x then these buttons are available. If they click on department y then these buttons open up. Same as equipment, if they use equipment z then these button(s) states change from hiddent to normal.

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