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Sep 11, 2012


Is there a way that a learner can select an option that will show questions from a specific question bank?

For example, I have a Storyline quiz with 15 questions that everyone answers. But then, based on their job position, I want them to answer several more questions. There are 4 job positions so I created 4 question banks in addition to the main 15 questions. Can I set up a selection option that a learner can click at the start of the quiz that allows them to take the first 15 questions along with the specific questions based on the job position they selected? And if so, can they select more than 1 job position to draw the questions from multiple question banks? And to wrap it up, can the results slide still score the quiz with number correct out of the total, like 12 correct out of 18 total?

I know this is asking a lot but thanks for any ideas.. 


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Calvin Lo

Hi Emily,

I have a similar situation here. I already set the variable to show which question bank to use. However, the results slide counts the other question banks as part of the total so you can't get a perfect score. 

I can't use a separate result slide for each question bank because you can only pick one to use during publishing. 

Is there another way to make this work?

Luan Snyman

Hello, I'm having slightly similar issues.

We have multiple question banks, but based on the users choice of rank, they only complete certain question banks.
(See attached .sl file)
When I pull a result slide, it includes all answered and unanswered questions, and they inevitably fail.

Is there a way to pull all results from question banks but only process and display those that have been answered?


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