Multiple questions banks, randomized questions and slide numbers


I have created 11 Questions banks and use these to draw questions from in my Storyline module. I need to have slide numbers on the question slides so I tried several options....

Option 1]

I tried adding the Question %variable% of 20 on all my questions slides and add the trigger add value 1 when user clicks next. 


Because I also need users to go back to a previous question while taking the exam I have added a trigger substract value 1 when user clicks previous.

After  my result page I made sure that question numbers are set to 0 when reviewing answers.

It al start fine, the question numbers are going in the perfect order of 1,2,3 etc,   and going back to the previous slide the number changes far so good!

After going back to a previous question  I click next and then the number stops increasing. It all goes wrong and doens't work anymore.

Option 2]

I use the built in slidenumber option (slide number in project) on my question slides but it doesn't work because it starts (as wanted) at slide 1 and then jumps to slide 14, slide 4. slide 6, etc...I quess that is caused by the 11 question banks and the order of the questions within the question banks? 

Any ideas on how to solve this?



ps. The NDA makes it impossible for me to share the content...

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Bridget O'Dell

Hi Nathalie, I just built a test course to play around with this and confirmed you should be able to do the following to accomplish this:

On each of your question slides, use the Storyline Built In Variables:  %Scene.SlideNumber% of %Scene.TotalSlides%

Then, all you need to do is ensure your questions are being pulled into the same scene (so your scene would have 20 question draw slides), and this should work. You don't need to do any additional programming with adding or subtracting from the value of these variables, they will automatically set themselves to the appropriate values.