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I have a compliance course that I am creating. I have two set of questions, the first set is 24 mandatory questions and the second set is made of additional random questions. I was thinking I could create two question banks, one that would be all the required questions that would allow them to be pulled in random order. The second bank has 24 questions, but I want to only pull 11 randomly. When I added the results slide it appears set up to correctly include both question banks. The problem come when trying to take the quizzes. It seems to only use question bank 1 and keep you in a loop. It never moves on to the next question bank and it seems to never stop looping so you could even get to the end.

Is what I am trying to do possible? I know I can build one question bank and lock the required questions, but I would really like them to be randomized order so people don't just try to pass along the responses.

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Eric Bybee

But I notice that the questions marked as Always do not randomize within the shuffle.  For example, I have a 40 question bank.  I have 15 selected "Always" and the remainder are "Random?  Every time the Quiz is built, the questions selected as Always appear in the same order of the Bank.  Frustrating.

Lauren Connelly

Hello Eric!

Sorry, this is causing frustration! It sounds like you'd like the questions set to "Always" to appear randomly in the entire selection rather than at the top of the question bank. You can do this by moving the questions set to "Always" to the bottom of the question list. I'd also recommend locking one of the "Always" questions at the bottom. Here's a quick demo where I show you how to switch the order of the question list. Link

If you have any additional questions, we can help in this discussion or in a support case.