Multiple response question is "telegraphing' the answers to users

Feb 10, 2014

Hi All,

I am running into some trouble with a multiple response question format I am using as a drill for my students. For some reason the “correct” boxes have a thicker gray border and shaded look vs the “incorrect” checkboxes that just have a thin line for their borders and no shaded appearance. ( See Screenshots below). The net effect is that format of the checkboxes are “telegraphing” to the users the correct boxes to check. I have tried rebuilding the question several times on the back end but I don’t see any way to create consistency with this format. How can I ensure all the checkboxes are the same so the learners will not have any indication of what boxes to select?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Merrill,

First I'd check that on the edit slide view that the answers are not already selected, as that would be changing the state of the buttons. 

If you're still having difficulty, are you able to share the Storyline file with us? If you'd prefer not to share here in the forums, I can send directions to you on how to share with me privately. 

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