Multiple Response Questions with Feedback for EACH response

Jan 26, 2013

Hi All,

I'm creating a multiple response quiz question. I've entered the questions along with three correct answers and two incorrect answers. I want ALL answer choices to provide (specific) feedback to the learner. Feedback by choice is not showing as an option in the Feedback and/or Scoring menus. The only options are By Question or None. HELP!  

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Jon Xie

Hello, iTechLibrarian, although Storyline doesn't provide "Feedback by choice", however, we can still achieve this goal by alternative. That is, first, create five feedback layers respectively for all the five answers; then, set triggers for the feedback layers.  The trigger could be " Variable's value changes", or "state of the choice is selected". In addition, choose "Feedback none" option in the "Multiple Response Question" window.

Linda Cotton

So, I've tried this and I run into other problems. I set it up so that when a response in a multiple response question is selected, its assigned variable value changes - from false to true.  This variable change then triggers a feedback layer to show up.  But I don't want the user to see the answers until after they have clicked submit. Maybe I'm missing a step? On a related note, it seems that the submit button and the "submit interaction" trigger both make the slide advance also. I would really like to stay on the quiz slide, show which responses the user submitted and show feedback for all possible responses (correct or incorrect, selected or not). Any way to do that? It would be even better to be able to hover over the possible responses and see the answers pop up, after the user has submitted their responses.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Linda and welcome to Heroes!

It sounds like you'll need to change the trigger associated with your feedback layer to "show layer X, when the user clicks "Submit" on the condition the Variable is true." If you've got a lot of feedback layers that you'll want to show for each option, you'll need to set up triggers for each - and you'll also want to look at the slide layer properties and ensure that it's not set to "hide other slide layers" and play with the spacing to ensure that they're all available to view. 

The Submit button and trigger typically do advance the slide, at least to the feedback layers and then from there, the "Continue" or "Ok" buttons would bring the user to the next slide. 

Lastly, you mentioned hovering over the answers - and you could set up a layer that would have a state associated with each answer that when hovered over would show information. You could also use hotspots when hovered over - so there's really a lot of options there! I'd suggest to begin by reviewing the tutorials here on working with states, adding hotspots, and using layers. 

Patryce Smith

Hi Linda, 

At a quick glance, one issue is that you are not updating the value of your variables var_response_A, var_response_B etc. when the user makes a selection.  You can update it when the user clicks submit right before the show layer trigger.

 submit: Set var_response_A equal to True when user clicks (submit) If response A's state is equal to Selected.

Another issue is that once you submit the interaction it jumps to the next page and will not hang around to see the layer. I would just delete the trigger to submit the interaction or  attach it to one of your "continue" buttons if you want to record the score. 

In the updated file I added a continue button to the main layer and kept it hidden till the user hit submit. At that point the interaction is not submitted but they learner is getting the feedback. 

I placed a hotspot  on another layer that covers question on base layer so that the user can't make adjustments when viewing feedback. I deleted the trigger generated with the hotspot so learner would not see the mouse change when mousing over the hotspot.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Helena, 

It's totally up to you - if you choose to use a multiple response, the user may think there is more than one option as conventional UI says checkboxes mean more than one answer whereas radio buttons are just one answer. You can set up a multiple response to only have one correct answer - but Storyline doesn't allow for partial scoring, so if you have more than one correct answer and if they only select one they'll be scored as incorrect. 

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