Storyline 2 Quizzes. Please help to understand the logic.

Oct 27, 2014

I am trying Storyline 2 and creating a number of questions. There are two areas that I struggle with and hopefully someone can help with the workaround.

1. Adding Score to the questions and 2 Adding Feedback

Multiple Choice Question allows only one answer and gives the option to provide feedback by Question and by Choice, which is Great. It also allows to score either by question or by choice. This seems to me irrelevant as there is only one correct answer allowed, unless there is an option to allow multiple answers that I have missed. 

Multiple Response Questions, on the other hand, lack those options. When I have a question with let say 5 Choices and 2 of them are correct, the only option available is to score by Question, not by Choice. Surely this is where the options should be allowed? This means that you only get the question right if you answer ALL options correct, which is not the ideal situation. I should be allowed to allocate a point for each correct options chosen, therefore give the participant some points for partially correct answer. Secondly, the feedback reduced only to by Question. Again, seems illogical to me, with multiple correct choices it would be ideal to give feedback for each Choice and explain why it is correct or not. 

Am I missing something? I would be grateful for suggestions. Basically, I would like to be able to allocate points for Choices in multiple response question and provide feedback per Choice.

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Emily Ruby

Hello Rinald, and welcome to Heroes!

With Multiple Choice questions, there is only one correct answer in the quiz slide itself. However you have the option to add specific points to other answers. So if you wanted to have a question with several possible answers, some with lesser value,   you could award points and offer feedback as to why each answer is correct/incorrect/or why less points/no points are awarded.

The Multiple Response question is set up so the user has to select all possible options to get the question correct. Each answer would not provide specific points, but selecting all the correct answers would award the points.

It sounds like for your situation, you may want to use the Multiple Choice, and just add feedback and point value for each answer.


Rinald Mamachev

Thanks Emily, 

I appreciate your suggestion but MCQ allows only one correct answer, how can I use it if there are two possible correct choices? The student can only click one Choice, making it impossible to use it for my purpose

I think your developers really need to look into this. Multiple response questions do need far more flexibility. Alternatively, add the option to MCQ to have more than one correct answer. Most of the educational systems I have used before have that option, and for a very good reason. I love the SL2 so far but this limitation (very easy to fix) definitely hinders the experience.

Emily Ruby

Hello Rinald!

The Multiple Choice questions do only allow one correct answer, however the ability to add points per choice is the way to allow flexibility for other possible answers. If they select and "incorrect answer" but it has point value, it will add up for the results slide.

The multiple response is for when you want to user to select "all" possible answers in order to mark correct..

See the attached file for an example. There are 2 answers that are the "best" answer, both award 10 points. Then there is an answer that awards 5 points, as it would not be fully correct, and then an answer that awards no points. Depending on what the user selects, the points will count to the results slide.

Rinald Mamachev

Hello Emily,

Thanks for the sample but it is not what I am looking for. My question has 2 or 3 correct Choices and each Choice has an explanation.  for example:


The patient does not respond to topical treatments and ......From what you know about this patient, which THREE of the following systemic agents would NOT be suitable for treating her condition?
a) Acitretin (correct) Feedback: Not suitable for woman of childbearing age as teratogenic and remains in   system for up to 2 years

b)  Cyclosporine (wrong)

c)  Fumaric acid esters (wrong)

d)  Hydroxychloroquine (correct)  Feedback:  Not a recognized treatment for psoriasis

e)  Methotrexate (correct) Feedback:  Best avoided in patients who consume hazardous amounts of alcohol due increased risk of liver toxicity

You see, If I cannot use Multiple choice as there is only one correct Choice allowed, and I cannot use Multiple response because there is no option for feedback for Choices and there is no way to allocate a point for each correct answer. The above questions are the most common (particularly in medicine) and I am puzzled about the logic behind Multiple response questions design. Surely you would want to give a feedback for each Choice?

Emily Ruby

Hello Rinald!

I guess it boils down to whether or not you need to require the user to select all three options to get the questions correct.

Feedback layers are designed to show up after a user hits submit. To use the feedback by choice, the user must only be able to submit one answer. 

If they can choose any of the three and get this correct, you can use the multiple choice, and use points per choice instead of one correct, and then set up the feedback for each choice as well.

If you require the user to select all three to get this correct and submit, you will have to use Multiple response, and the feedback will show after all three are selected and the submit button is hit. You can customize the correct feedback layer to show all of your text.

Another thing to consider, if you do need all three to be selected prior to submit, you can use layers with the feedback text above, and have them trigger to show when the user selects the appropriate answer. The only downfall to this, is the layers will show before the question is submitted.

Attached are 3 example slides, and I am sure if others have any additional workarounds, they will jump in.

Rinald Mamachev

Hello Emily,

Unfortunately, the options you suggested will not work. The main issue is not actually the feedback. For the feedback I can always add a slide after with the correct answers, although it kind off befits the objective. The main issue is scoring.  From my point of view, if the question has 10 choices and 8 are correct then it is quite difficult to pass the question. If the candidate answers 7 correct and one wrong, then there is no points awarded. This is not good from an educational point of view, it is all or nothing and unfortunately, the life is not that simple.

For the time being I will have to do with "workarounds" and keep looking for something better and more flexible.

May I suggest your developers look at Quizzes designed by Moodle, very comprehensive, intuitive and flexible. SL2 is almost there, but not quite.

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