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May 21, 2020

I am trying to create a course with 3 separate scenarios each with their own set of questions, i'm new to Storyline and i'm curious if...

1. I can have 3 separate quizzes in 1 course to report out as 1 unit.

Example: Scenario 1 has 10 questions and they get 8/10; Scenario 2 has 15 questions and they get 15/15; Scenario 3 has 10 questions and they get 2/10. The final score takes the results of all 3 quizzes and reports out as 25/35 = 71%. So they would know how they did after each scenario and their overall score.

2. OR am I able to have 3 separate quizzes and they all funnel into 1 report at the end. Meaning they wouldn't know how they did at the end of individual scenario, they would just know how they did overall. 

I found the below statement in this link, so I'm curious if this can be explained further as it may answer my question.

"When it comes to reporting results, Storyline can have multiple result slides, so you are able to combine multiple quizzes into one overall score. With Quizmaker you can only choose one quiz to report."


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Andy Banga

Hi Molly,

Welcome to the E-Learning Heroes community!

I can confirm that the statement from the link you've provided is true and both of your options are possible. Please see additional insights below:

1. You may use a master result slide to accumulate scores from the result slide of each quiz. In total, there would be 4 result slides; 1 for each quiz and 1 for the master slide. The master result slide properties would be:

  • Calculate results for: Selected results slides
  • Combine points from each quiz

2. You may also use a single result slide and include all the questions from the three quizzes to compute the overall score.

For detailed instructions, you may check out this Storyline guide about Adding Result Slides. I hope this helps.


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