Multiple scoring scenarios

Hi everyone,

I'm developing a course and taking a first step towards gamification.  I have a series of interactions that when a user finishes looking at allows them to choose to complete an embedded interactions. If they get everything correct they will receive one score, if they get it wrong they receive a different lower score. I want users to receive a third potential score for having at least viewed only the relevant information without having gone through the interactions. My problem is that I only want this to be scored once. Right now each time they view that set of slides the score continues to build. How can I get Storyline to add to my final score only once. I've attached my Storyline file for anyone to take a look at. Thanks in advance for any help. 

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Jesse -- Thanks for reaching out and for sharing your file! Hopefully, lot of your fellow community members will have some creative solutions to share and help with what you have in mind! I also wanted to stop in to note that you would be welcome to post this over in our design-related forum here, as well. :)