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May 06, 2014

This community has been fantastic in providing assistance, and I'm hoping you can keep up your streak.

In my Storyline course, I'm quizzing students (i.e graded questions) throughout the lessons, giving feedback on correct / incorrect answers.  The course is a bit lengthy so it makes sense to weave in the questions at the end of the lessons, especially if they aren't able to complete the course in one sitting.

What I want to do is to tally the grade at the end of the course and present them with a score.  If they achieve a passing score, great.  But if they don't achieve a passing score, I want them to get another attempt at answering all of the questions.  The issue that I'm wrestling with is how to direct them back through ONLY the question slides if they fail and how to report only 1 score to the LMS.

My proposed solutions and pitfalls:

  1. Present a results slide at the end of the course that shows the score and has buttons to either take just the quiz again which would direct them to a separate scene with only the questions.  If they go back to the original questions, they'll be caught up in the lesson slides.  The issue here is that I'll have to use 2 results slides (one for the first time through and one for the quiz only scene).  The LMS should only get one score.
  2. Put all of the quiz questions in their own scene and branch from the lesson to the quiz, back to the lesson, back to the quiz, etc.  This would require, I think, to create some variable to make the "continue" button react differently based on the number of attempts to answer the question.  For example, if the question was answered once, then the Continue button directs them back to the course discussion, but if the question was attempted more than once then the continue button directs them to the next question.  This seems to solve the issue of multiple results slides.
  • Which proposal do you think would work best?
  • Are both technically possible?  And if so, what would it look like?


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Michael Palko

I was leaning toward option 2, but have now run into a potential issue with the number of attempts.  I can't conceive of a way to give the student 3 attempts to answer the question by giving 2 attempts during the lesson and one final one at the very end if they need it because they failed to achieve a passing score.

Am I making this harder than it is? 

Alexandros Anoyatis

Option 1 is a no-go since you cannot predict which attempt you will have to report to the LMS. Option 2 sounds like a better plan is my ears. You can use a number variable to keep track of attempts as long as your quizzing follows a logical structure.

Since you are giving feedback per question, you will need to limit the number of attempts to 3 and not allow the learner to change an answer on the same go, and add an extra trigger on both correct/incorrect layers.

However, I would increment the variable, right before the result slide, instead of having to track every question, or just have that var increment if (say) a "retake quiz" button is clicked on the results slide.

Hope this helps,

Judy Nollet

Here's another possible option: Leave the quiz questions sprinkled throughout the content. Have the NEXT button programmed either to go to the next slide in the sequence OR go to the next question, based on a variable. That could be a T/F variable, e.g., If RETAKE = False, then go to the next slide. If RETAKE = True, then go to the next question. Default the variable to False; set it to true when they click whatever button is clicked to retake the test.

Michael Palko

That sounds like a good alternative, Judy.  Can I use the NEXT button in the player to do that or are you thinking of a NEXT button on a slide?

Ahh, wait.  I can use the CONTINUE button in the feedback layer to either go to the next slide in the lesson or go to the next question slide based on whether or not they've clicked it before.

It's getting clearer.  Thanks!

Judy Nollet

Michael, I was thinking of the NEXT button in the player, but the options you mentioned might work, too. I would suggest you base the branching on a variable rather than a button state (e.g., visited), because that gives you more control. For example, things could get tricky if a learner decides to return to an earlier section, which would mean they'd encounter the associated questions again. But you don't want them to suddenly start jumping to the next set of questions just because they had clicked a given Continue button before.

However you set it up, be sure to test thoroughly, going through the course and quizzes in various ways to ensure the programming won't mess up those who don't follow the most likely path. In fact, consider creating a short practice course where you can test out different ways to program what you want. Working with just a few slides and questions makes it a lot easier to test path variations -- and re-program, if necessary. Then, after you have it figured out, you can confidently add the appropriate programming to all the questions in the real course.

Alexandros Anoyatis

Michael Palko said:

Thanks for offering your expertise, Alexandros.

  • Would you recommend keeping the quiz slide incorporated within the lessons or move all of the quiz slides to their own scene?
  • Any which way will do, as long as the feedback slide is linear. can keep the Questions as they are, just never allow them to go back to the same question before the results slide comes up.
  • How do I prohibit the learner from changing the answer on the first go?
  • As above, on the feedback layer keep your continue button as is, and remove any previous buttons from slides adjacent to the questions.

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