Pre/Post Test LMS Question

I have a course that requires a Pre and Post test. If you score a passing grade on the Pre-Test you do not need to take the course. If you don't you need to finish the course and take the post-test. I know Storyline can only report one Result slide to the LMS.

I have a scene set-up for each test, which uses randomized questions from questions bank. At the end of each I have a results slide, for which I have disabled the next and previous buttons. For the Pre-test I have it set-up that if they fail the continue button takes them back to the course. If they fail the Post-Test they can retry the quiz.

If they pass either test the continue button takes them to a new scene with currently a blank page and this is where I am stumped on what I do next. Should I set-up a simple quiz question along the lines of "Please check yes if you have completed and passed the quiz." and create a results slide of that? If so, how do I tell the LMS which result slide to take the answer from?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Melissa,

The last option you describe could work, but what would stop the user from clicking yes even if they didn't pass? 

I wanted to point you to a similar thread here, where there is an answer that describes three results slides, and using some additional Javascript to determine which score to pass.  You may want to post in that thread as well to get any additional help with the Javascript element of it.