Multiple selectable quizes and master result slide


I'm working on a project with 10 quizes, user can choose which wants to complete. At the end there is master results page showing combined results. Basic structure looks like this:

- main menu - select quizes (simple variables true/false which controls which quizes show to user)

- quiz A

- result page A (selected questions)

- quiz B

- result page B (selected questions)


- master result slide (selected results slides)


Everything is working fine, except master result page. No matter how many quizes user select, it shows passing threshold for ALL quizes. For example, each quiz has 10 questions, 10 points each, so the max score is 1000 points. And this max of 1000 points is showing no matter if user choose 10, 5 or 1 quiz. Still the 'master' score is 1000 points. So it's kinda useless :(

Is there any solution to this? I tried on master result page adding condition to submit results trigger but it doesn't work :(

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Jacek. If the master results slide is tracking all of the individual results slides, it will account for every point available. It will not consider only the quizzes that have been taken by the user, but every quiz being tracked.

Instead of using a built-in results slide, can you create your own master "results" that uses variable references to show the results of each quiz?

Do you need to show an average score from the quizzes that were taken? Because the learner can select any number of quizzes, that setup will take some custom design work.

Community heroes: Does anyone have a formula they can share for this setup?