multiple text entry variables (not wanted!)

Hi all. I have a quiz slide set up that has one text entry.  For some reason I now have 4 variables showing for the same one? and I can't delete any of them - in addition I have a trigger set up to blank out the text box but I have no idea now which TextEntry# to use!!! Screen shot attached.

Any ideas?


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Emily Ruby

Hi Eric,

Do you happen to have those variables elsewhere in your course? They should not auto attach like that. Could you try a repair of the software? This typically clears up erratic behavior. As far as setting a trigger to make the box blank, it should be blank if you remove the "type your text here" from the text box, so likely you would not need that.

Also, have you seen this happen before, or only in this file? You could share the file here if you would like us to take a closer look.


Eric Brennan-Hazell

Hi, no those variables aren't anywhere else - the only thing I can think of is that these quizzes were created in a separate story and then imported in. 

The text box trigger is deliberate as we have a try again layer if the user gets it wrong. When the go back to the main layer there original answer is removed (plus the client wants the "type your text here" bit in!)

I've seen this happen many times before but never asked about it. Mainly as it's not caused a problem before.

I'll share the file when I am back in work tomorrow morning!