multiple text showing after clicking CC button when slider drag

Jan 06, 2014


I have created a customized CC(closed captioning) in my project in storyline. functionality of closed captioning is explain below.

In the base layer there is a button. On clicking the button it will show the second Layer. In the second layer there is one video in the .wmv format and there is two CC button on same position one for video Transcript show and another for hide. There is video Transcript below the video and it is sync with video by Cue point in the Time line of the layer to sync the video. I keep multiple text boxes in the same position for Transcript. And as video progress Transcript showing. When the user clicking the CC button it is hiding the all of the Transcript text Boxes and it is hiding its self also to bring the second CC button in front. When user click second CC button it is showing the First CC button and Transcript text box of current video position. To show the only current Transcript text box do I have added a programing logic explain below.

In every Transcript text box Timeline start I am updating a variable like Trans1, Trans2, Trans3....

And when Second CC button clicked to show the Transcript. I just show the transcript as per the variable update. for example of trigger, change state of text box to normal when user click CC2 button if variable equal to Trans2. I have added this trigger for all of the text boxes to show the text box according to current video position.

It is working very fine. But I am facing a problem explain below.

in some time when user drag the slider (slider of storyline) it is showing two text Boxes in same time.

Is it happening due to slider?.

Please help me out. any suggestion can help.

Thank you in advance. 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brajesh,

I'm trying to follow your step up, and it may be easier if I was able to see your .story file. When you mention the slider, you're referring to the built in seekbar for Storyline? Are you captions and buttons on a different layer than your video? Have you looked at the layer properties to allow or disable seeking?

Brajesh singh


Thank you for reply,

Yes i am refering seekbar by slider.

 I am attaching my .story file. But the content and the Video is given by client. I can't share it. so i have deleted all the content  and video. i keept the video transcript with the text AAA, BBB, CCC ... like this. After clicking on the play button please hold for some time then video transcript will display. i have deleted the video so please insert a video in the second layer (Layer name: Projector_video_layer) just above the video transcript for better understanding.

once again Thank you very much for reply.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brajesh,

I tested this on my end, with a simple video file added, and after scrubbing the player seekbar and clicking on and off the CC button, I didn't get any CC text overlapping. Since you stripped this file of your clients content, could you try to create a sample with a video file that shows the behavior your describing? If when you include a video it's too large to share here in the forums, could you share it here with us? 

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