Multiple triggers for a single object

Jul 11, 2012

Hello Team,

I have recently started working on Storyline and thought of creating an interactive slide.

I am working on a slide which has 2 candidates talking to each other. This is a case study scenario. I would like to hover my mouse on each character and then the callout should appear one after another in sequence. For example when I hover my mouse on the character 1 "Hello.." callout should appear. Then I switch to character 2 and "Hi.." callout to appear. Then I return back and hover on the first character and it should say "How are you?" The second character when hovered should say "I am fine". This is the kind of sequence I am looking for.

Let me know if there is any better approach in handling this situation. 

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Gerry Wasiluk


This could probably be done with variables and having a certain caption appear when a variable value equals something.

However, purely my personal opinion but using mouse hovers to trigger a conversation is something I might not do.  Too easy for learners not to do things correctly and then get frustrated.

I might instead either use a series of buttons and slides or layers to get things synced correctly or just use one button to get the conversation started and then let it proceed without learner intervention.  Of course, YMMV.

Clashing Dragon

Hey Gerry,

Thanks for the response. However, I tried adding a button and then triggered the caption. The first caption appears when I click the button for Candidate 1. Then I tried adding another caption for the same candidate to continue the conversation.  I tired adding the captions as multiple layers and add the triggers. But when I preview I see that only the last layer playes and it doesnt play from the beginning. Do you think I should change the action to Timeline Starts. The idea is learner will not do anything hear apart from watching the 2 candidates talk. So apparently there is no learner intervention. 

vinayak kadam

I think there are two ways to achieve this:

Approach 1:

- Create layesrs after layers and implement each scenario

- In the First layer just two guys with one enabled and second disabled

- Once the user clicks 1st guy show next layer which would have callout and 2nd guy enabled and 1st disabled

- Once user clicks 2nd guy show next layer which shall have call out only for 2nd guy and then enable 1st guy and disable second guy and so on.....

Approach 2: (Using varaibles and some programming logic)

- No more explanations  Just download the attached story template  

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