Grouped images disappear when hover off

Aug 08, 2013

Hi there Storyliners!

I have a bit of a taxing issue. Let me try and explain.

I have a group of 3 characters (or 2 as well). They have 2 states. Normal state, they are blacked out (brightness = -100%), and a second state shows normal brightness. The effect that achieves is when the mouse hovers over the character silhouette, they appear. This works fine for single or grouped characters.

The issue I get is when I add a speech bubble to the second state of one of the characters. When you hover on, the characters appear, as does the speech bubble. When you hover off, the NON SPEECH BUBBLE CHARACTERS turn black again (great!) but the SPEECH BUBBLE Character DISAPPEARS ENTIRELY!

Characters are grouped. Triggers say "change "character 1" state to "2" when user hovers over "group 1" (with same for "character 2" and "character 3". The box 'restore on mouse leave' is selected.

Anyone have any idea why this may be, and how to get it to work?



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