Multiple Triggers for One Hotspot

I tried searching past discussions for what I feel like is a simple answer, but can’t find what I need. 

I have one image that I have several hotspots on. I created one trigger to show a layer when they hover and another trigger to show a completely different layer when they click. They are in this order in my trigger panel. only the hover trigger is working. Nothing happens on the click. What am I doing wrong? 

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Tom Kuhlmann

Perhaps you can share the slide.

In a demo, I created it works, however, I'm not sure I'd build it that way because the triggers potentially conflict since you have to hover or the object to click it.

Depending on what you have in the hover layer, you could create a hover state and add the content there, which gets rid of the hover trigger.

Jeff Forrer

Hello, I took a look, there are a few things you could do here.

What is happening is when you have your hotspot, the layer with the rollover state is then on top of your hotspot in the menu, thus the hotspot won't fire for your click.  You could add the click hotspot and trigger in the rollover layer, that way it is there when you rollover to click on.

Tom Kuhlmann

Here's what I'd do:

  • I assume the hovering is to preview the layer and the clicking is to make the layer active
  • Get rid of the click triggers
  • Remove the "hide layer when user hovers out"
  • That allows you to hover through the layers, but the layer is active until you change layers
  • If you want to clear layers, you could put a catchall hotspot underneath the buttons that would clear any visible layers

This saves having to put extra triggers on the layers