Apr 11, 2017

Hi all,

I'm hoping someone out there can help. I know there isn't a way to play audio across multiple slides in Articulate (that I know of unless you get into HTML and I'm not very familiar with that), but is there a way to play audio across multiple layers?

If so, can someone assist in how to do this? I have an intro in a course that is all on the same slide just multiple layers. Is it possible to have the audio continue through all of them?

Thanks so much!!

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Raquel Meyer

Hello Madeline,

If you put the music on the base layer and as long as you don't set the layers to "pause the timeline of the base layer" the music should continue to play. 

Here's the HTML code that I've been using to make music play across slides. Just note that it will play across the entire module.

See the "README" attachment for instructions. See the "Music Script" attachment for the actual script to use.

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