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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Ah...totally see what you mean. hmmm....I wonder if anyone knows a work around.

I tried playing with layers, but wasn't successful. Can't change states.

Wonder, too, if this should be a feature request or bug report. Seems as though it should work consistently, whether Learners click first or not. In the end, they're doing the same thing...answering and moving on. Still, I don't know the programming around it.

Susan Tescione

Found a solution.  Let's say you have a text entry for a phone number: 1234567890.

You create a variable for the entry of te_phone.  Your automatic trigger will be:

Set te_phone equal to the typed value when control loses focus. 

You will add the trigger with conditions:

Jump to the next slide when control loses focus if te_phone is equal to 1234567890

Your onscreen instruction caption to the user  will read:

Enter the phone number 1234567890 and press Tab.

What happens:  The user presses Tab once.  The control loses focus and the screen jumps to the next page.