Mute/Unmute Different Audio

Jan 31, 2023


I'm trying to make a Storyline 360 course more accessible by offering audio description for the embedded videos. It's a DEI training, and effectively I want the learner to be able to turn on/turn off audio description (which describes what is happening visually) while the video is playing, without pausing or restarting either the video or the audio description, as they need to have matching timing. Is there some sort of javascript that can mute an audio layer without muting the video on the same slide? Or is there a way to use variable and triggers that I haven't thought of?

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Michael Carpenter

Hi Sandeep, thanks for the suggestions, but I already read through those. Those solutions mute the entire player, including all audio tracks on the slide. I'm looking for a way to mute one audio track while another audio track continues to play, or mute an audio track while a video continues to make noise.

Michael Carpenter

Hi Joe! The reason "pause media" wouldn't work is that I want the user to be able to unmute the audio layer and have it still be synced up to the video that has been playing. If I pause it, then when the learner unmutes, the audio track will sound delayed compared to the video.


Unfortunately I don't have permission to share the project file. Maybe I can get permission to share some screenshots