My recorded screencast plays in Preview Mode, but not not Published Mode. Any ideas on why?

Jun 06, 2018

I currently have a recorded screencast with mouse movements and clicks within my Storyline 360 project.  When I preview the slide, I see everything I should.  When I publish it for Review, the mouse movements and clicks do not appear.  

Other slides are ok, so not sure why only one (or a few) are doing this in the Published mode.

Anyone have any insight into why?  Did I accidentally change a setting somewhere?  Thank you!

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Katie Riggio

Welcome to the community, Jen 🌟I'm here to help with a couple of questions to start:

  • What browser(s) are you viewing the Review content in?
  • Have you had a chance to see if publishing to a different option results in the same behavior?
  • Can you share your .story file? Simply pop it into this discussion by using the Add Attachment link in your reply. I'd like to dig in and try to replicate this behavior. 

Looking forward to lending a hand!

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