My storyline project HTML5 version is not loading in chrome or firefox but working in internet explorer

Sep 16, 2018

I published my html5 project to my testing web site but it is not working on chrome or firefox 

It is also not working on tempshare

It worked only on internet explorer

The same project flash version is working good in all browsers but we need it works with html5 too

The mobile version link is not working also for html5 and for flash 

The mobile version for html5 version asked to download Articulate player but it doesn't working

The mobile version for flash version gives the message "this plugin is not supported"

I am using articulate storyline 3

Are there any solution? as we invested a lot in making these projects and it doesn't make since to not be working online (html5) or on different mobiles

Here is the online link:

The tempshare link that is not working also here:

Any suggestions

Thanks in advance

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Ahmed. So sorry the HTML5 output and the Articulate Mobile Player are giving you trouble–I'd love to help!

Here's a Peek of how both links play on Chrome, IE11, and Firefox. Does this recording capture what you see on your end? I see a long white space on the left on the first slide and a long pause on the second slide on all three browsers. 

A few more questions to help us narrow down the cause:

Looking forward to digging deeper!

aurore austruy

Hello all,

I have the same problem.

My module doesn't work on Firefox.

I have the loading cursor, and the content keeps on loading but nothing happens. It's extremely slow. And I'am blocked on the 3rd screen.

But my content is quite light (text, and audio for voiceover).

I use Firefox Quantom 62.0.3

and Storyline 3.5.16548.0

We tested on several computers and it doesn't work.

Everything is fine on IE.

Thanks for your help.

Crystal Horn

Hey there, Aurore.  Thanks for those details.  I'm sorry you're course is getting hung up in Firefox.  I tested my own course in Windows Firefox 62.0.3, and it played as expected.  Can you check my link here?

Are you able to share a link to your content as well as the original .story file for me to test?

My goal is to narrow down where and why the problem is occurring so we can find a fix for you!

Stefan K.

I have the same problem like Aurore.

I have published my html5 project to test it with Firefox but everthing works extremly slowly or nothing happen. On the computer of a colleague we see the loading bar but nothing else happens (again in Firefox). However, everything is fine on Chrome and MS Edge

I'm working with the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Edge and Storyline.

I realy need help on this issue as many of our customer use Firefox.

Is there any solution on this problem? Since I'm not the only one who has the problem in my company, it must be something bigger.

Stefan K.

Hi Alyssa,

I published the projekt for Web as a html5-file.

I hosted the files on two ways: Once locally on my harddrive and once on a webserver. Both time, the Firefox version only works extremly slowly and absolutly not useable..

Yes, I'm using the latest Storyline 360 Version (V3.20.16814.0)

Thanks for the quick answer. At the moment, I'm really have problems with this situation.

aurore austruy

Hello, sorry for the late reply.

I have found my problem. It was because I had a variable who wasn't defined, due to a calculation with another variable. So firefox can't stop looking for this value.

The other browser, can pass through this problem, but firefox not.

For information, I use the storyline 3 version.

Sorry if my english is bad, but i am french...

Thank you for your help.

amanda foo


I have the similar problem.

Currently using storyline3. 

I published various formats (eg :Flash/HTML5 and HTML5/Flash). When loaded into LMS (KnowledgePlatform), the module is not able to play on iOS/Android but possible on PC. But, when I published another formats, both PC and mobile devices cannot be played. 

I attached my work here. Perhaps you know what I mean. 

I did not have problem when used Storyline2 previously.

Please help as I need to have the work roll out urgently.

Please provide me the step by step of the solution.




Crystal Horn

Hi there, Amanda.  It looks like the first slide includes an Engage interaction.  Can you tell me what version of Engage was used to create that interaction?  When I published your course for LMS using HTML5-only, I was prompted to run Flash Player in my Chrome browser on my laptop.  I'm thinking the Engage interaction is coming through as Flash content which is why the mobile devices cannot play it.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Amanda,

Thanks for sharing your file here with us! Since you're using Storyline 2 you'll need to follow the steps outlined here to first publish your Engage interactions and then insert them as web object to access on a mobile device.  

Once you do that you'll publish the Storyline course to include the HTML5 output per normal, and it'll be able to playback and access the Engage output as it was added as a web object which allows for HTML5. 

Sarah Greenberg

Hi! I am having a similar problem. I published my module to Articulate Online, but some users are having trouble accessing it. It keeps redirecting to the last page, rather than giving users a chance to engage with the content. We thought it might be an internet connection issue, but I don't know if it's that simple. I can't post the link publicly but if someone could reach out to assist, that would be great!

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