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Sep 18, 2020


I am using Articulate Storyline 360 and see no option on how to populate 'My Templates'. I have reviewed some posts but they are all mentioning steps that I do not see on 360. It does not make any sense to me. Please help. 

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Dave Goodman

1. go to my templates and select one or more templates that you like.

2. select Download

3.Go back up to your Menu bar and the icon next to My Templates is the Import. Select that and dropdown to 'Import Storyline'.

4. you should see a list of the templates that you downloaded. Import the template that you want and Storyline opens to a new screen which is your template.

5. continue to design and add screens as needed.


Kalena Hornkohl

Hi Jenna! I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but if you have created a course and would like to make it a Template for later use, go to the File menu in Storyline 360 and select "Save As," then choose the file type Storyline Template (.storytemplate). This is how I've populated My Templates with...well, my templates :)

You may also download other creators' templates here:

I have noticed that these tend to be .story files, so you can apply the same "Save as" process to make them into templates for your use.

Dave Goodman

Jenna - what you are seeing is normal. The message is just stating that you have not downloaded any templates so far. Underneath that message, is a statement that states 'click here for more information (or similar). Click that and a listing of Articulate templates will appear. There is a left hand panel that you can filter by template or just scroll through all of them. Select whichever one(s) you want and download. This places the download file onto your PC. Once this is complete, go to your top Main Menu and continue with the former response that I gave you, e..g.  Import, import Storyline, select from the list of your newly imported storyline templates. Once selected, Storyline will open in a new scene and then you can continue your design and development. When you download a template, the file extension is for a template. Change your file name and save it as a .story file. You should be ready to go from there. I am working today (Sunday) if you need help. Regards.

John Curran

Templates seem like a nice idea but in practice it can be a real pain to mix layouts where the storysize is not the same (or at least the aspect ratio is not the same). Often it can be easier just to copy a slide across from another project and then edit as appropriate but I do like the concept and if set-up correctly as described by @Kalena they can speed things up especially for teams working with a corporate or company template.