Mystery of the Disappearing Bug

Jan 06, 2017

I created a storyline file and sent it to a company to translate it in different languages.  After translating the material, they sent it back to me and I downloaded the ZIP File to my computer.   I then went through the material and recorded all the errors.  I noticed one error in the navigation, which would hinder one’s ability to complete the course.  I also noticed some animation and layering issues in the course.  The next day I met with my boss and reported the errors to her.  However, when re-opening the file to show her the errors, they were gone and everything was working normal.  What is going on? Does anyone know what could have caused this? I work at a large company and if the error only shows up 1 out of 100 times it still would cause problems.

 Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Crystal Horn

Hi Andrew- that's unsettling!  When you work with your files, are you opening and saving them on your local C: drive?  Sometimes working from a network or shared drive can cause erratic behavior.  So be sure to save locally.  Also, if you are finding other odd behaviors, doing a repair of your Storyline software can set things right again.

You're welcome to connect and even share your mysterious file with our support engineers for a look; give us some detail on what you're working with and we can try to reproduce that behavior or spot any hangups!

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